Do you often feel stressed? Do you suffer from aches and pains or constant niggling headaches? Do the demands of everyday life affect your physical and mental health? Well, you are not alone. In our fast-paced modern world where stress is high, work hours are long and we are increasingly time poor, the need to … Read more

Personal Training Industry Growth Over the past few years, the Personal Trainer (PT) industry has rapidly grown in Australia. Now in 2023, fuelled by rising obesity rates and a general growing awareness and interest in fitness, health and well-being, Australians are increasingly turning to personal trainers to get in better physical shape and start living … Read more

If you’ve decided that you want to pursue a career as a personal trainer, that’s a great start! Read on to find out what you can do next to set things in motion.

If you are one of the people who set themselves a new year’s resolution to get into shape, you are likely not alone. The restart of the calendar is for many, an excellent opportunity to get into the habit of healthy living, try to lose weight, improve overall health, or build muscle. If this is … Read more

Is 2020 your year to get fit and healthy? Mobile devices, apps and wearable smart technology have transformed the fitness and healthcare industry. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, pound some pavement or increase your flexibility, there is now a fitness app that can be tailored to your personal needs. However, in … Read more

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Many massage therapists look to further their careers by studying a Diploma of Remedial Massage course. This option provides a way to explore more advanced therapeutic concepts with a focus on the assessment of the human body and recovery from injuries. Remedial massage can also open up more doors to professional opportunities, increase your earning … Read more

If you have been considering a career as a massage therapist, there are a few key things to keep in mind. One of them is undoubtedly a salary, but there are some other elements to the role that are also worth considering before making your final decision. Massage therapy jobs are in high demand experiencing … Read more

Do you dream of a new career path in remedial massage therapy? Are you wanting to return to study in 2019 but are deterred by the cost of higher education and think you can’t afford it? Think again. There is help at hand with a VET Student Loan. This Australian Government initiative aims to help … Read more

Eastern and Western civilisations have extolled the therapeutic benefits of touch for centuries. Dating back thousands of years, this practice and its benefits have been referred to in ancient writings from Europe to the Middle East and Asia. As one of the oldest health practices, touch as a healing method has been purported to relieve … Read more

Plenty of Australians love a good massage. It’s relaxing, it’s stress relieving, and it’s a simple act of sheer pleasure. But while many of us may reserve the occasional massage for reducing sporting injuries or an indulgent session of pampering, there is a growing trend seen in workplaces with the rise of the corporate workplace … Read more