The growing trend of workplace massages

Plenty of Australians love a good massage. It’s relaxing, it’s stress relieving, and it’s a simple act of sheer pleasure. But while many of us may reserve the occasional massage for reducing sporting injuries or an indulgent session of pampering, there is a growing trend seen in workplaces with the rise of the corporate workplace massage service. For those who think massages are all about procrastinating getting our workload completed and having an excuse to slack off, it couldn’t be further from the truth! Let’s explore the benefits of receiving a massage and how they directly correlate to your workplace.


Massages maintain our health and wellbeing

Office work setups breed an environment of long hours sitting in one position, often with little to no variation. When there’s virtually limited opportunity to take a meeting outdoors for a stroll around the block, or getting up for lunch or a coffee provides only a fraction of physical movement, poor posture and tension builds up in our bodies. To counteract typical everyday work stressors and inactivity, we can give our muscles a deserving break and improve our blood circulation, so oxygen and nutrients get a much needed boost to better regulate cell health and tissue function. You’ll also notice that in a more relaxed state of mind, your blood pressure will decrease and your heart rate will steady – excellent benefits of having some much needed time out for your health.


Massages keep us happy

Massages have an amazing transformative power to improve the energy in the room and within ourselves. With a workplace massage, your levels of endorphins and dopamine in the body – all the ‘feel good’ chemicals – will all increase. Keeping our limbs supple, blood flow pumping and taking a moment to unwind through a corporate massage regulates the health of our minds just as much as our bodies, boosting morale, motivation, mood, productivity and energy levels. Nothing like a workplace massage to stop your internal screams at Forgetful Frank from turning into audible ones!


Massages keep our waistlines trimmer

Serotonin is a naturally occurring chemical that we synthesise from sunlight and exercise – but when those things aren’t attainable cooped up all day indoors, increasing your exposure levels through a massage is a perfect alternative. Bringing a massage to the workplace means you won’t be crying out for that 3:30 sugar fix no more – healthy serotonin levels signal to our brains that we aren’t actually hungry, curbing emotional, starchy over-eating, benefitting our mood and our sleep. Say hello to more focused workplaces and goodbye to long slugs to make it to 5pm!


A happy brain is a better functioning one, so take a brief moment during those trying work weeks to receive a massage and improve the vitality of your mind and body.

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Posted On 16/08/16