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Certificate III & Certificate IV in Fitness.

Don’t waste another year in a job you don’t love!

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Help people achieve their personal fitness goals

The fitness industry is booming in Melbourne and there is a growing demand for personal trainers. This industry continues to grow every year, with an estimated 21,000 Personal Trainer jobs expected over the next 5 years! (source: This means there’s a growing number of potential clients looking for personal trainers. You could be that trainer!

There are many training providers offering online and on-campus Melbourne-based Personal Training courses, but can they offer accredited award-winning training with the industry’s leading professionals? ACFB can.


Why is NOW an important time to study?

There has never been a more important time to think about how you are going to strengthen your future. Whether you are looking for an additional income or a new career, the possibilities a career as a Personal Trainer can provide are endless.



ACFB’s Personal Trainers qualification is a cut above the rest, proven by our being voted a previous winner of the Victorian Small Training Provider of the Year. Our online, FLEXI and on-campus Melbourne training differs from the rest because we teach a well-rounded curriculum, ensuring our students learn about all aspects of fitness including Nutrition for Body Composition, Fitness Programming & Postural Screening, and Anatomy & Physiology.

Gaining a Personal Trainers qualification is a great step towards forging a new and rewarding career in the personal training industry, one that can help you make positive changes in your client’s lives.

Want to know what you will be able to provide once you graduate from your Personal Trainers course? You will be able to:

  • plan and deliver personal training (PT) sessions
  • understand and safely apply the mechanics of stretching
  • motivate your clients to get the best out of them
  • use small business marketing techniques to earn money and manage a business
  • collaborate with medical and allied health professionals to develop advanced session plans
  • implement long-term exercise programming
  • conduct appraisals of functional movement
  • apply exercise science to PT sessions
  • deliver exercise programs that will help clients transform their body and achieve desired results
  • have a fundamental understanding of personal, strength, conditioning and endurance training

What else do you get?

You also receive 3 post-graduation workshops at no additional cost following your graduation to ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest research and advances in fitness training.

Click here to learn more about our post-graduation workshops.

Why choose ACFB?

Like with all good training, it needs to be comprehensive! We don’t gloss over anything and we ensure you have detailed knowledge and skills in all aspects within your course – And this is what will set you apart in the industry!

Completing your Personal Trainers course in Melbourne, FLEXI or online, teaches you how to apply your fitness education and management skills to start your own PT business if you choose. You have a great team of supportive and highly skilled trainers to guide you along the way and, there are so many employment options when you complete your personal fitness training course at the award-winning ACFB.

Start your new journey as a personal trainer today. Call ACFB on 1300 002 232 to find out more and have a campus tour.

Delivery options


If you have the ability to attend classes, then On-campus study is your best option!

Enjoy nice small classes, a mixture of theory and practical in each class and be guided by a team of highly qualified and supportive trainers.

  • Class 1February 28th – Monday & Wednesday – ONLY 6 SEATS LEFT – lock in your SEAT Today!!
  • Class 2April 2022 – Tuesdays & Thursdays – ONLY 7 SEATS LEFT – lock in your SEAT Today!!

Duration – 6 months of classes + additional time to complete your work placement


On-campus FLEXI

If you have a busier lifestyle, yet are motivated and good at managing your time, then our On-Campus FLEXI program will be great for you.

You attend practical workshops for each topic that are delivered multiple times each month. You then review the course material and detailed films, complete any theory assessments and practice at home. Once you are confident in the topic you book in for a practical demonstration.

It’s flexible and self-pace, and you can start straight away!

Duration – Between 6 to 15 months (Maximum Six months for Certificate III in Fitness & Nine months for Certificate IV in Fitness).



If you have a busier lifestyle, yet are motivated and good at managing your time, then our Online program will be great for you.

With this study option, you control when you study. You review the course material and detailed films, complete any theory assessments and practice at home. Once you are confident in the topic you book in for a WEB practical demonstration.

It’s flexible and self-pace, and you can start straight away!

Duration – Between 6 to 15 months (Maximum Six months for Certificate III in Fitness & Nine months for Certificate IV in Fitness).

View more about our online personal training course here.

With all of our delivery options or funding types, you will get 3 Post-Graduation Workshops included as part of the entire Personal Trainers Course!


The following 2 courses and 36 units are included in this course:

  • SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness
  • SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness

Section 1 (SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness)

Unit Code Unit Description
SISXFAC001 Maintain equipment for activities
SISXFAC002 Maintain sport, fitness and recreation facilities
SISXIND001 Work effectively in sport, fitness and recreation environments
SISFFIT001 Provide health screening and fitness orientation
SISFFIT002 Recognise and apply exercise considerations for specific populations
SISFFIT003 Instruct fitness programs
SISFFIT004 Incorporate anatomy and physiology principles into fitness programming
SISFFIT005 Provide healthy eating information
SISFFIT006 Conduct fitness appraisals
SISFFIT007 Instruct group exercise sessions
SISFFIT011 Instruct approved community fitness programs
SISFFIT014 Instruct exercise to older clients
SISXCCS001 Provide quality service
HLTAID003 Provide first aid
HLTWHS001 Participate in workplace health and safety
BSBRSK401 Identify risk and apply risk management processes


Section 2 (SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness)

Unit Code Unit Description
SISFFIT013 Instruct exercise to young people aged 13 to 17 years
SISFFIT015 Collaborate with medical and allied health professionals in a fitness context
SISFFIT016 Provide motivation to positively influence exercise behaviour
SISFFIT017 Instruct long-term exercise programs
SISFFIT018 Promote functional movement capacity
SISFFIT019 Incorporate exercise science principles into fitness programming
SISFFIT020 Instruct exercise programs for body composition goals
SISFFIT021 Instruct personal training programs
SISFFIT023 Instruct group personal training programs
SISFFIT024 Instruct endurance programs
SISFFIT025 Recognise the dangers of providing nutrition advice to clients
SISFFIT026 Support healthy eating through the Eat for Health program
SISSSTC301A Instruct strength and conditioning techniques
SISSSTC402A  Develop strength and conditioning techniques
BSBSMB404  Undertake small business planning
BSBSMB405  Monitor and manage small business operations
BSBSMB406  Manage small business finances
BSBSMB403  Market the small business
ICTICT203  Operate application software packages
SISXRES001  Conduct sustainable work practices in open spaces


Throughout your Personal Trainer course, you will receive professional industry mentorship from expert trainers. To help keep you on track and to interact with other students, we offer an interactive student web page that provides you with easy access to course material, detailed films, student forums and assessment submission. This gives you the flexibility to study anytime and anyplace you choose.


Nil: There are NO pre-requisites or previous qualifications needed for you to enter this combined Certificate III & IV in Fitness course.


Practical Hours

A minimum of 70 hours of practical application which is made up of two (2) x work placements.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you have previous qualifications and/or experience that you feel cover parts of the (SIS30315 & SIS40215) Certificate III & IV in Fitness course contents, please complete and submit ALL required RPL forms AVAILABLE HERE to ACFB’s Program Manager: [email protected]

  • Relevant evidence must be provided to support your request for RPL.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the (SIS30315 & SIS40215) Certificate III & IV in Fitness course, you will have acquired the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to qualify as a Personal Trainer. With the growing demand for personal trainers, as a graduate, you will be able to explore many employment options, including:

  • starting your own business
  • working in a gymnasium
  • coordinating recreational activities across organisations (e.g. corporate or public)
  • providing allied health assistance within sporting clubs (e.g. focusing on strength and conditioning)

What’s more, you get to inspire and motivate people who are wanting to make positive health changes in their lives while you maintain your own health and fitness!

After completing ACFB’s Personal Trainers course, you will be able to further your studies and enrol in the Diploma of Fitness and/or maintain your continuing education and professional development requirements.


ACFB is a Registered Training Organisation through the Australian Skills and Qualification Authority (ASQA). This course is Nationally Recognised as listed on

A previous recipient of the Victorian Small Training Provider of the Year by the Department of Education means studying with ACFB ensures you get the best possible training and education to start you on your personal trainer career!

Course Fees

ACFB offers very competitive prices for our award-winning training . Additionally, you may be eligible for government funding:

  • Skills First Funding – Get your Cert III and Cert IV in Fitness Government-Funded! Click here to see if you are eligible. Skills First Funding is provided by the Victorian and Commonwealth Government..
  • No deposit and Interest FREE instalment plans available – An easy way to simply put your course fees on an interest free instalment plan, starting from as little as $45 per week.
  • Study Loans – Is a fantastic way to pay for your course and spread your instalments between 6 months to 4 years. 
  • Austudy Approved


Contact ACFB on 1300 002 232 for more details

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