In the midst of these icy months, the lure of a good workout is often outweighed by freezing temperatures, erratic forecasts and the fewer daylight hours that the great outdoors bring. So will you bite the bullet and take your exercise outside this winter? You decide!   Con: you won’t want to strip off Finding … Read more

There’s no doubt that getting a massage is one of the most relaxing ways to release pain, discomfort and tension in the body and mind. With the increasing use of massage for sports, recreation, medical and allied health settings, there has been a greater demand for qualified and skilled massage therapists. From being an expert … Read more

Yoga is excellent for your health no matter where you do it, but, sometimes, the best way to really engage the mind, body and spirit through some asanas is by taking taking your practice outdoors. For students taking fitness courses in Melbourne, there are several idyllic spots to set up a mat, stretch as the sun … Read more

Playing relaxing and soothing music during massage therapy can significantly enhance results by reducing the client’s pain and easing their tension. 

While there are many types of massage therapy, several specific massages can target pain points or pressure areas to relieve stress in dementia patients.

With a growing global interest in fitness, mindfulness and well-being, many populations are prioritising a healthy approach to daily life. To accommodate this demand, plenty of people are turning to a career in the health industry. Studying fitness courses and personal trainer courses has become a strong pathway towards this goal. Taking into account the booming … Read more

In 1998, Tiffany M. Field wrote in the American Psychologist journal that "massage therapy is older than recorded time". Indeed, many archaeologists, historians, anthropologists and art historical scholars have discovered that the medicinal use of massage dates back millennia. Massage therapy courses are an excellent way to make your story part of this rich history. In the past  The … Read more

Find out about the numerous benefits of being a personal trainer or fitness instructor. Hit the ground running by enrolling in fitness courses in Melbourne to kick start your career. 

With the increasing importance of social media and online customer satisfaction, creating a positive profile of your service as a health and fitness instructor is useful. Quality social media posts can boost your reputation and help your business grow. Attracting new customers can cost up to six times more than marketing to existing customers, and since … Read more