The Top 5 Reasons to Study Remedial Massage in 2020

Many massage therapists look to further their careers by studying a Diploma of Remedial Massage course. This option provides a way to explore more advanced therapeutic concepts with a focus on the assessment of the human body and recovery from injuries.

Remedial massage can also open up more doors to professional opportunities, increase your earning potential, and widen your potential customer pool. Read on to learn the top five reasons why a Diploma of Remedial Massage course could be the best career move for you in 2020. 

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1. Help clients more with an in-depth assessment and treatment of injuries

Remedial massage expands your massage skills and offerings beyond relaxation massage as you will undergo a more intense study of anatomy with a strong focus on the diagnosis and treatment of particular injuries and areas of the human body. 

This means you will be better positioned to provide significant help to clients with ongoing pain issues, back problems, and various sports injuries. You will learn to understand pivotal elements such as static and dynamic musculoskeletal assessment, being able to interpret the results and apply the techniques required to provide maximum pain relief, as well as injury prevention and injury recovery.

2. Further your career and work closely with medical professionals

Remedial massage therapy is an excellent move if you are looking to further your career in the medical health industry. There are often many positions for remedial massage therapists in health and medical centres, including physiotherapy centres, sports or athletic clubs, and doctors’ clinics. As more and more people demand remedial massage, therapists are becoming more standard in medical or physical therapy centres. 

You will also be able to receive full membership to massage industry associations and private healthcare providers, giving you a provider number so your clients can claim benefits. This not only makes the massage treatments much more affordable but will increase your potential for new business and improve your income.

3. Study Remedial Massage whenever suits

ACFB’s Melbourne-based Diploma of Remedial Massage course is available with a flexible schedule that works alongside your current working requirements if necessary.  Strengthen your knowledge and massage therapy skills with a remedial massage education that few other training providers can match. 

Many people defer their career advancement opportunities due to a lack of spare time. Remedial massage courses are designed with the workload of an existing massage therapist in mind, making it easier to upskill while managing your current career.

4. Increase your income

A remedial massage diploma means a higher qualification on your wall, giving you the ability to charge more for your services. As your knowledge and expertise rise, so will your fee.

On average, in Australia, a remedial massage therapist salary sits around $97,500 per year, with a standard charge of $50 per hour. Entry-level positions can often start around the $52,500 per year mark with the opportunity for advanced and experienced therapists to earn up to $136,500 per year.

5. Choose your own hours

Remedial massage therapists are very rarely tied to regular business hours. You will have the freedom of picking your own schedule, within reason, as you will need to keep your clients availability in mind, but for the most part, your time is customisable. 

There are plenty of remedial massage employment positions available that provide the opportunity to select and work your own hours. Having the extra qualification also makes heading out on your own and running a business much easier. If work/life balance is a key driver in your job satisfaction, the flexibility in the schedule of a remedial massage therapist will be very attractive to you.

Level-up to Remedial Massage with ACFB

Our highly qualified industry leaders provide award-winning training and support to those who are looking to upgrade their massage career to include a remedial offering. As a previous winner of the Victorian Small Training Provider of the Year by the Department of Education, the ACFB Diploma of Remedial Massage offers the finest practical training and education available.

Increase your knowledge and advanced remedial massage techniques, along with your employment opportunities on your way to becoming an industry leader. Some of the key elements included in our Diploma of Remedial Massage course are:

  • Relaxation massage techniques, Lomi Lomi and Reflexology
  • Sports massage and stretching techniques
  • Myofascial Release and Positional Release Techniques
  • Active Release Techniques 
  • Physical Assessment and Corrective Exercises
  • Orthopaedic and functional assessment techniques and injury prevention
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage 
  • Trigger Point Therapy 
  • Muscle Energy Techniques 
  • Corporate massage and regional treatment techniques
  • First aid
  • And more

Our mix of theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on work experience is helped along by the ACFB full-time Student Massage Clinic which is open to the general public giving you the opportunity to put your learning into a real-life situation

Speak to the ACFB today about our remedial massage course, and continue to forge a successful career in the massage industry.

Posted On 06/01/20