Massage Therapy Courses in Melbourne, Available via Online Study & On-Campus

There is growing evidence supporting the health benefits of massage therapy for relieving and reducing mental health conditions such as stress and anxiety, as well as the positive effects massage has on physical ailments like back pain, fibromyalgia and muscle pain.

ACFB’s FLEXI and Melbourne campus massage courses teach you skills that can be applied across a range of occupational settings, including in sports, for recreational use, and in medical and allied health settings. As the demand for well-qualified and competent massage therapists and Myotherapists continues to grow every year, there’s no better time than now to begin your new and rewarding massage therapist career.

Choosing to study one of ACFB’s accredited and nationally recognised massage courses FLEXI or on-campus in Melbourne will ensure you receive award-winning training from a college that has a great reputation in the massage industry.
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ACFB’s award-winning college’s (HLT42015) Certificate IV in Massage Therapy training course teaches you the most advanced relaxation, Lomi Lomi and Reflexology techniques, ensuring you learn the skills that massage industry employers are looking for.

Successful completion of our (HLT42015) Certificate IV in Massage Therapy course will provide you with many rewarding career opportunities after graduating from ACFB. Not only will you receive your qualification as a massage therapist from an award-winning provider, you can apply your skills anywhere, choose to work for a range of organisations or even start your very own business!

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By studying ACFB’s (HLT52015) Diploma of Remedial Massage course on-campus in Melbourne or via our FLEXI online option, you will be distinguishing yourself from all other non-ACFB trainees. Why? Because we offer an award-winning, comprehensive and hands-on training course where you will acquire advanced skills and theoretical knowledge that can be practical and competently applied across varied client populations.

Our experienced instructors combine theory and practice to boost your confidence and improve your employability by seeing you graduate as an industry-leading remedial massage therapist following successful completion of our (HLT52015) Diploma of Remedial Massage course.

Call ACFB today on 1300 002 232 to find out more about this diploma and other courses. This course is VET Student Loans Approved.

With ACFB’s (22316VIC) Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy course, you will build on your existing knowledge and practical skills, enabling you to become an industry leading myotherapy specialist.

As a myotherapist, you will learn how to assess, treat and manage soft tissue injuries and restricted joint movements using highly specialised remedial techniques, dry needling and much much more. Our (22316VIC) Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy course balances the mix between theory and practice so you will feel confident about applying your skills and knowledge across a range of occupational settings and within varied client population groups.

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What our students are saying about our Courses

I think ACFB is one of the leading Massage College available in Victoria. A Remedial Massage Therapist friend of mine, is starting Advanced Diploma in October


The teachers all had different knowledge of all subjects so it was good to learn from different teachers. The student clinics were a great way to show how clients are in the real world.


Everything. The course, the content, the clinics, the trainers, people that I studied with. Definitely a positive experience.