The role of a personal trainer

Becoming a personal trainer can help you help others achieve their health and fitness goals, and make a real difference in peoples' lives.

The journey to becoming a personal trainer is likely to begin with fitness courses or gym instructor courses, where you will learn the skills and technique to assist others on their own personal journey towards health and fitness.

Once you are qualified, what can you expect to be doing?

Perhaps you will work as part of a gym or a fitness centre, working with clients and groups.

You'll discuss goals, assess fitness levels and design programs to help others achieve their aims.

One of your key roles will be to act as a motivator and hold your client accountable to their routine. You can show them the most effective ways to work out and use their time, tailored to their individual pursuits.

Technique will be an important part of your instruction, as many beginners to exercise may not know correct form when doing exercise such as lifting weights or using a machine.

It's likely you will also help to measure your clients' progress, by taking measurements, weights and body fat percentages, or gauging improvements in cardiovascular fitness. Once they have achieved one particular aim, you will be able to adjust the program to further their improvements and make new gains.

You will also provide advice on nutrition and how to best fuel the body for exercise and overall wellbeing.

Each personal trainer has their own individual variances in style when working with their patrons, but enthusiasm, support and expertise are some of the essential cornerstones of a successful path in this career. 

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Posted On 20/12/13