The perks of being a personal trainer

They have a zest for life, believe that a healthy body equals a healthy mind, and adore eating nutritious yet tasty meals. However, there are deeper and more significant benefits to being a personal trainer.

If you have been considering embarking on a career in this industry, enrolling in an esteemed fitness courses will kick start the process so you can experience these perks first-hand.

Positive relationships 

In addition to the health and fitness benefits for your own body, being a personal trainer builds excellent relationships with people. The job offers huge satisfaction and a sense of self-worth knowing you played an instrumental part in helping someone achieve their goals.

Picture this: Your client is suffering from heartbreak and has committed herself to kicking the depression the healthy way with hard work and exercise. As her personal trainer, you not only provide guidance for her fitness, but also act as a motivational leader to help her reach her targets. Clients and trainers can often form some of the closest bonds of friendship. With openness and trust developing as a result of the vulnerability with which weaknesses are exposed. 

Geographical freedom 

One of the best perks of this job is that there are no geographical barriers. You can work as a trainer anywhere internationally, and be creative about how you offer your services to suit the country. For instance, organising training sessions for clients on a beach allows you to incorporate cardio such as running, or muscle training with pilates and yoga. The ocean also offers great potential for surfing and stand-up paddle boarding, or for the truly coordinated and balanced, yoga on paddle boards. 

If the country is renowned for its greenery and beautiful landscapes, consider training people outdoors through hiking. New Zealand is a nearby destination for Aussies, and according to their government careers website Careers NZ mana rapuara aotearoa, there is a high demand for your services as a personal trainer or fitness instructor. 

Excellent brain function 

An intellectual benefit of being a personal trainer is that regular exercise improves your memory and cognitive functions. According to Dr. Scott McGinnis, an instructor in neurology at Harvard Medical School, plenty of scientific research has proven that "exercise behaves like medicine to improve thinking skills".  

All of these perks stem from getting a degree or qualification in personal training. Like any proper education, several different stages of fitness courses are on offer, such as the certificate level III and certificate level IV for when you reach a more advanced stage. Hit the ground running with these fantastic courses and make the most out of a career and lifestyle as a personal trainer or fitness instructor! 

Posted On 18/03/15