Great fitness proverbs from the ancient philosophers

The health and fitness world is certainly a positive place to reside, but it can be awash with a great swamp of conflicting advice. 

Certainly, what you hear from one personal trainer may be the exact opposite of what you hear from another, leaving it difficult to know which way to turn. By enrolling on a fitness course at the Australian College of Fitness & Bodywork, you can be sure that you're receiving the finest advice from the most experienced, knowledgeable professionals. 

Before that happen, why not cast your eye back to the proverbs of the great philosophers? These quotes, uttered centuries ago, still ring true and can inspire great health and happiness.  

''Without exercise, a good diet alone is not sufficient and eventually medical treatment will be needed' – Hippocrates 

Hippocrates is widely regarded as the father of modern medicine, and he himself foresaw that future could bring about a sluggish, sedentary lifestyle that owed to little actual body movements due to the advances of modern technology.

In today's world, to be a so-called 'Size Zero' is to be the apparent picture picture of perfect health, with skinny people deemed more healthy than those that carry more weight. However, that simply isn't always the case, even if consuming a healthy, well-balanced diet.

It was over 2,000 years ago that Hippocrates wrote the above quote, and its message couldn't be any clearer. He could see, even then, the health benefits of exercise, and how unfit one could become if it wasn't undertaken. The philosopher even went so far as to say that you'll need a doctor if you choose not to undertake regular exercise.

'Don't explain your philosophy. Embody it' – Epictetus 

The Greek philosopher was as equally blunt as his compatriot Hippocrates when he came up with this gem. How often have you heard your friends and family, or even yourself, repeatedly wax lyrical about their great fitness plans, and constantly fail to act upon those words?

By not actually implementing your well-intentioned fitness ideas, they become as worthless as sitting in and doing nothing. Follow Epictetus' advice, and follow through your talk and ideas into physical action.

'A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body.' – Proverbs, Chapter 14, verse 30

The Big Book is full of philosophical musings, many of them allegorical, plenty impossible to decipher and some that are of great, sound advice. This one from the Book of Proverbs reminds us that stress can affect our mental well-being as well as our physical health.

It's been well documented for generations that exercise can reduce stress, so take this little piece of God's Word as gospel and try and de-stress through exercise as though the Lord himself has commanded it.

Posted On 02/03/15