Areas of specialisation in the Fitness and Personal Training industry

Choosing a career in fitness and personal training is a choice that’s rewarding and will give you a wide range of career opportunities. There are various areas you can choose to specialise in that could potentially take you across the globe, in a variety of roles, and gives the chance to change and grow your area of expertise. If you’re still unsure about what areas you can work in, these are a few you can steer towards.


Self-employed personal trainer

Being a self-employed personal trainer gives you the ultimate flexibility in where and when you want to work, as well as having control over your workload. If you prefer to train indoors, using your client’s gym or finding indoor public spaces are easily arranged, otherwise there are an abundance of public parks and outdoor areas at your disposal. A benefit of this is that there are bigger outdoor areas, giving you the ability to hold larger group training sessions.

Being self-employed also means you can focus on what you want to do and want to specialise in. For example, you can hold boot camp training, dance classes, boxing, yoga…the choice is yours!


Personal Trainer of a health club

Being a personal trainer employed by a health club has an abundance of benefits. For example, having to carry heavy equipment around won’t be an issue, as most health clubs have all the equipment you’d ever require. On top of that, some gyms also have special areas for personal training, so you don’t have to worry about gym goers using the equipment you need. This also gives you the opportunity to train small groups and set up circuits.


Special Needs Personal Trainer

There are plenty of people who require specialist training for a variety of reasons such as pre and postnatal exercise, obesity and diabetes, older adults, children, corrective exercise, and/or fitness nutrition. Developing a training routine for these people means a lot more attention and care to their routine and technique, as well as personalisation of their nutrition and fitness plans. Specialising in special needs training can be extremely rewarding and requires a lot more flexibility for you as a trainer.


Group Class Instructor

A lot of gyms hold group classes such as Les Mills that range from weight training classes like Body Pump, to dance classes such as Body Jam. The great thing about this is that you can choose to teach as many different styles as you want. The more classes you have trained to teach, the more work you will get.

As an extra perk, generally a gym will allow you to teach alongside an instructor while you learn, and sometimes even offer to pay for your training so long as you agree to work for them upon completion of your course. This means more job assurance while you study.

Gyms that have several franchises allow you to teach across several locations, and some even allow you to teach across completely different health clubs. On top of this, you also get a great workout, get to blast good music, and to be as loud as you want.


Health Club Management & Owner

If behind-the-scenes action is more up your ally, you can run the show by being a club manager, programmer, or owner. Being a manager means you have input and more control in the daily club operations, as well as having a say in how your club functions. Ever been to a gym and thought of ways it could function better? This is where you can get those changes happening.

Owning a club also gives you this ability, but a little more power. There are two ways you can do this – create your own club as a business, or be a franchisee. The decision depends on the amount of commitment and determination you have. Starting a business is never easy, and being a franchisee means you are part of a health club that is already well-known. The benefits of starting your own, however, means that you can create something new and exciting, unique, and be in a location of your choice.


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Posted On 21/06/16