Celebrating massage with National Massage Week

It's high time for a massage in the coming days considering that it's National Massage Week – as if you needed an excuse.

The Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT) has organised the occasion in order to raise awareness about the benefits that massage can bring to the health and wellbeing of men specifically.

While massage is of benefit for both men and women, women are often more likely to address their health issues and indulge in massage to 'treat' themselves. Many men could benefit from the same uptake of massage.

What are the benefits of massage?

Massage can help with aches and pains such as neck and back niggles, which often appear due to long periods of sitting around in the office hunched over a computer. With massage, men can seek some relief from these pestering symptoms, which is bound to improve quality of life.

As well as this, for men who are athletic and train a lot, massage can help to hasten muscle recovery, making hitting those weights again the next day a little easier. The movements of massage also help to encourage better blood flow and circulation and this helps to flush out any unwanted waste and toxins from your body.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of massage is the feeling of calm and tranquillity that it can offer. Stress is a big problem for many men and is often left untreated, but things like taking a moment to let one relax and making time for the self can be a great help. Many people speak of the peaceful feelings they experience post-massage and in the following days, so it can be a great way to unwind especially if you're in a stressful and demanding line of work.

Posted On 04/09/13