Around the world in 5 massages: Iconic massages from different countries

One of the most soothing and relaxing parts of travelling on holiday is booking a massage. Months of hard work tighten up the muscles and often a quality massage is the only way to ease the stress. 

If you're planning a trip, short-list these massages, depending on your destination. 

Japan: Shiatsu massage 

Combining expert use of localised finger pressure with acupuncture, this rhythmic massage motion is designed to improve the body's energy flow and balance. Each pressure point is held for between 2 and 8 seconds, creating an excellent release of tension. While it may sound firm, the softness which follows after the massage is heavenly. 

Thailand: Thai massage

Named after its homeland, Thai massage is akin to yoga without having to do the hard work yourself. Instead, the therapist or masseuse stretches and realigns the body using a sequence of different postures. The best part is this massage combines medicinal tips from historic sources like Buddhism in India and Ayurvedic techniques influenced by Chinese medicine. 

India: Ayurvedic massage 

Renowned for the spiritual aura from lit incense sticks and aromatherapy of heated herbal oils, Ayurvedic massages were developed using natural ingredients almost 5,000 years ago. These massages are catered specifically to your body type, often with the consultation of an Ayurvedic masseur to select herbs and oils to best suit your needs. 

Hawaii: Lomi Lomi massage 

As the traditional and cultural massage of Hawaii, the Lomi Lomi uses deep pressure alongside stroking. It differs slightly across the island due to families passing the skills down generations, but despite these variations this massage offers peace and tranquillity. 

Bali: Hot stone massage 

Balinese stones are heated and laid flat along pressure points on your back. The heat and pressure from the stones, combined with the base layer of aromatherapy oil applied to your skin, offers a tremendously relaxing massage. 

If you're a student intending to travel abroad, why not familiarise yourself with these popular massages so you can earn some money during your travels? Enrolling in massage courses can qualify you to offer such blissful and therapeutic massages internationally.

Posted On 17/03/15