Postural Analysis & Corrective Exercise Course (Workshop)

Examining muscle imbalances, their effect on posture and risk of injury and how to write corrective exercise programs to counteract these imbalances

As part of being a personal trainer, you may be required to evaluate a client’s static and dynamic posture and functional range of movement. The ability to identify strength and flexibility discrepancies in muscles and joint structures is crucial for the planning of corrective exercise programs aimed at improving posture. Through this exciting online postural analysis and corrective exercise workshop, you will be able to understand and provide:

  • good & poor posture and factors that influence posture
  • postural analysis and static posture
  • common causes of poor posture and contraindications
  • planning corrective exercises
  • stretching, programming and flexibility
  • and much much more

By the end of this online workshop you will be able to provide detailed postural analysis and identify the need for corrective exercise for your clients.

Workshop details:

  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Prerequisites: Certificate III in Fitness
  • Date: You can start at anytime
  • Cost: $149
  • CEC Points: 6 Fitness Australia CEC’s
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What our students are saying about our Courses

I feel prepared to work in the industry as I have been given the opportunity to complete many clinics with a wide variety of clients. I enjoyed the flexibility offered and the knowledge of the trainers was outstanding.


All the teachers were extremely helpful with everything and anything I needed help with, in or outside of the course criteria. Compared to a university teacher, they were present and very supportive through the entirety of the course.


Being able to complete this course so close to home has helped not only for the future work possibilities but enable me not to miss out too much at home with my family while still studying.