Flexibility, Stretching & Foam Rollers Course (Workshop)

Exploring different types of stretching and flexibility including; PNF, partner, static, dynamic, foam rollers and the importance of flexibility for functional movement and good posture.

Flexibility can be described as the range of motion (ROM) a joint or joints can move through. It is important for posture, joint stability, coordination and balance. Flexibility is limited by tight muscles and tendons surrounding a joint and by stiff ligaments connecting the bones that make up a joint.

Through this workshop, you will be able to incorporate flexibility, stretching and foam rollers into your training programs and be taught everything from:

  • Pre-exercise screening
  • Writing referrals
  • Understanding types of stretching, joints and movements
  • Static stretching
  • Dynamic stretching
  • Partner Stretching and PNF stretching
  • Correct use of foam rollers
  • And much more

By the end of this course, you will have the confidence to include these specialised skills into your fitness business.

Workshop details:

  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Prerequisites: Certificate III in Fitness
  • Date: You can start at anytime
  • Cost: $169
  • CEC Points: Seven (7) Fitness Australia CEC’s
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What our students are saying about our Courses

I feel prepared to work in the industry as I have been given the opportunity to complete many clinics with a wide variety of clients. I enjoyed the flexibility offered and the knowledge of the trainers was outstanding.


Being able to complete this course so close to home has helped not only for the future work possibilities but enable me not to miss out too much at home with my family while still studying.


The teachers all have valuable years of experience to share and equip us with whatever we need to know. I will be returning to ACFB to continue on with Myotherapy myself later this year.


I would absolutely recommend ACFB to others not only for the course content but the trainers professionalism and the variety of backgrounds that they bring to the course. Plus the clinic is really good practice.


I would have no hesitation recommending ACFB to other students. Teachers are great and course quality is high.


Everything. The course, the content, the clinics, the trainers, people that I studied with. Definitely a positive experience.