RPL – Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy

To apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) for a unit of competency or the whole course, please follow the steps below.

WITH your supporting evidence to [email protected] or mail: Suite 4/333 Mitcham Rd, Mitcham, Victoria, 3132 to: ‘Att: Program Manager – RPL Application’

An RPL application may take between 10-21 business days to process from when we receive your completed forms and supporting evidence. We will then map out your RPL, and email you with details of:

  • Any RPL you may be entitled to,
  • Any further evidence we may require (this may also include practical demonstrations)*
  • Any units you may still have to complete
  • (If applicable) The amended course price (which will include the RPL) fee.

You must then approve and sign your RPL summary if you wish to enrol. Please note: All RPL applications will be processed and agreed PRIOR to your enrolment being approved.

*Please note: a course deposit may be required if your RPL application includes practical demonstrations.

Step 1

Download the Course cover-sheet and fill in your details.

Course Cover-Sheet

PDF 12kB

Step 2

Download and complete the clustered course section form(s) below you would like to gain Recognition for.

Myotherapy Framework & Physical Assessment

Word 208kB

Plan & Provide Myotherapy Treatment

Word 208kB

Myofascial Dry Needling Practices

Word 208kB

Establish & Manage a Myotherapy Practice

Word 208kB

Research in Clinical Practice

Word 208kB

Word 208kB

Practical course requirements

Please note that the majority of clusters and units of competency are linked to the practical requirements of the course. To gain RPL for a WHOLE unit of competency, you will also need to satisfy the practical requirements.

Step 3

In each of the clustered forms above, it lists the applicable unit of competencies relevant to that cluster. Download and complete all relevant unit of competency forms below.

CHCCOM002 – Use communication to build relationships

Word 892kB

VU21873 – Establish and manage a myotherapy practice

Word 892kB

VU21874 – Manage health risks in a myotherapy environment

Word 892kB

VU21875 – Work within a myotherapy framework

Word 892kB

VU21876 – Perform myotherapy clinical assessment

Word 892kB

VU21877 – Plan myotherapy treatment strategy

Word 892kB

VU21878 – Provide myotherapy treatment

Word 892kB

VU21879 – Provide myofascial dry needling treatment

Word 892kB

VU21880 – Conduct research relating to myotherapy clinical practice

Word 892kB

Step 4

In each of the clustered forms above, it lists the applicable unit of competencies relevant to that cluster. Download and complete all relevant unit of competency forms below.

Once completed, please submit all applicable forms WITH your supporting evidence to [email protected] or mail: Suite 4/333 Mitcham Rd, Mitcham, Victoria, 3132 to: ‘Att: Program Manager – RPL Application’

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What our students are saying about our Courses

I feel prepared to work in the industry as I have been given the opportunity to complete many clinics with a wide variety of clients. I enjoyed the flexibility offered and the knowledge of the trainers was outstanding.


Being able to complete this course so close to home has helped not only for the future work possibilities but enable me not to miss out too much at home with my family while still studying.


The teachers all have valuable years of experience to share and equip us with whatever we need to know. I will be returning to ACFB to continue on with Myotherapy myself later this year.


I would absolutely recommend ACFB to others not only for the course content but the trainers professionalism and the variety of backgrounds that they bring to the course. Plus the clinic is really good practice.


I would have no hesitation recommending ACFB to other students. Teachers are great and course quality is high.


Everything. The course, the content, the clinics, the trainers, people that I studied with. Definitely a positive experience.