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26 Victoria Road Hawthorn East

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Personal Trainer

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Personal Trainer,

About Everyday Athletes
We specialise in helping everyday people to get in great shape – physically and mentally. We do this through our unique group training programs, 1on1 personal training and nutrition coaching.
Our coaching, knowledge and experience centre around helping people with 3 goals:
1. Weight loss and a more toned body;
2. Understanding nutrition and how to adapt a diet to suit individual goals and life circumstances;
3. Feeling fitter, healthier and more energised to power through a busy life.
We are NOT a space for bodybuilders or people who attach their identity to their physique. Our members have diverse interests and want more from life than just a 6-pack. We believe training and nutrition should help people excel in all areas of life (family, relationships, career) – it should not ‘be’ their life.

About the role
You will be responsible for helping clients achieve their strength, fitness and physique goals. You will do this by:
– Delivering group Strength & Conditioning and HIIT programs.
– Programming and delivering 1on1 Personal Training sessions.
– Building strong relationships with clients and working with the team to ensure we are providing the right program for our clients.
Our group classes have small capacities, allowing coaches to get to know clients and actually coach them. We expect you to learn about each individual, correct training techniques and coach accordingly.

Our ideal candidate
– Has a passion for Strength and/or HIIT training.
– Has other interests/hobbies outside of fitness.
– Has a history of high performance in customer service.
– Wants to work in a space they can invest themselves in, and become a valued member of the community.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience
The right personality and values are more important to us than skills and experience. If needed, we will invest the time and energy to teach the skills required to excel in this role.

– Cert III and IV in fitness
– Current first aid and CPR

– Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology degrees
– Customer service
– Sales
– Own personal training clients ready to start

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