How To Stay Fit This Winter

How To Stay Fit This Winter

As we are now well and truly in the midst of winter, snoozing your alarm in favour of a sweat session or choosing the couch and comfort food over bracing the cold to get fruit and veg on your plate is much more appealing.

While we are all human and know to listen to your body when it’s asking for rest and allow ourselves a cheat meal here and there to keep sane, staying on top of your health and fitness goals doesn’t have to be difficult – even in the coldest months of the year! Take note of our top tips to keep on track when the temperature plummets, so your goals don’t:


Move your alarm away from your bed

Need a super simple tip to get up in the morning without three snoozes? Move your alarm away from the bedside table! If you use your mobile phone as your alarm, charge it from another point overnight so when it goes off in the morning you are forced out of bed to disable it. Once you’re up, half the battle is won as you won’t be as tempted to crawl back under the covers.

Get exercise out the way early

Finding the key to starting your day with a workout may be all in your head. Trick yourself into wanting to exercise in the morning. Pack your clothes ahead of time to egg you on at first glance in the morning, or set your alarm to a motivational song that will get you firing away.

Prepare your meals ahead of time

Finding healthy meals on-the-go is a constant challenge, especially for the time poor. But instead of ruining your good habits, make better use of your time. If you devote your Sundays to grocery shopping, set the tone to the new week right by preparing your healthy meals that night. You will have more control of what you are putting into your body and you’ll be looking forward to savouring that delicious food rather than reaching for convenient, unhealthier options.

Hold yourself accountable

Half the battle of exercise is physiological, so why not find join a class with a friend or try a new team sport? Committing to a schedule keeps you accountable: you won’t bail out if that means letting the team or a friend down. You’d become a personal trainer for each other!

Drink yourself to health

Nothing feels more homey and hearty than a big bowl of soup in winter, so take stock of your health and grab a bowl! While the tinned tomato and pumpkin varieties are popular, opt for home brewed versions, with lentils and vegetable brews leading the way. And you don’t need to be reminded to keep your fluids up, especially when heaters are on full blast all day.

Make your workout more appealing

It may be superficial, but nothing motivates us more into exercising than rocking new active wear! Why not treat yourself to some new threads or a pair of new runners to attack your next workout – plus, who doesn’t love looking and feeling their best?

Get plenty of sleep

You’ve heard it time and time again – getting enough shut eye is crucial to good health. Instead of aiming for 6 to 7 hours a night, why not strive for 8, 9 or more? Not only does enough sleep help fight off pesky winter colds and infections, it helps maintain a healthy weight. Plus, no one likes a cranky, sleep-deprived person, so sleep your way to happy and healthy!


Healthy lives don’t go into hibernation in winter and with these tips, neither will you. If you’re ready to share your healthy way of life with others, why not enrol in any of our fitness courses? Talk to us today on 1300 002 232 to unlock the next chapter of your fitness journey!

Posted On 22/06/16

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