Student Massage Clinic in Melbourne

Are you tired or stressed? Come to ACFB’s student massage clinic and let our students get you back on track!

ACFB’s Melbourne Student Massage Clinic is a great way for our students to implement the in-depth skills and knowledge learnt within their courses. Through our clinic, students get a chance to work on real people with a variety of different conditions, which helps them build their confidence and be job-ready once they graduate!

Our clinic is available to the general public, and is open six (6) days a week, between the following times:

  • Monday: (first clinic) – 9:30am to (last clinic start time) 3:45pm
  • Tuesday: (first clinic) – 9:30am to (last clinic start time) 7:30pm
  • Wednesday: (first clinic) – 9:30am to (last clinic start time) 7:30pm
  • Thursday: (first clinic) – 9:30am to (last clinic start time) 7:30pm
  • Friday: (first clinic) – 9:30am to (last clinic start time) 3:45pm
  • Saturday: (first clinic) – 9:30am to (last clinic start time) 3:45pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Clients can choose from three (3) different levels of massage:

  • Basic Massage; (including relaxation, sports, regional) – $25
  • Remedial Massage; (deep tissue) – $35
  • Myotherapy Session; – $40

All sessions are one (1) hour in duration

We need as many people to come and get a massage as possible, so tell your friends and family as long as there in Melbourne we will massage them!

To book a session, you will need to register through our on-line booking system by clicking herePlease review the terms & conditions below.

If you have already registered, click here to book a session.

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment is required at the time of booking or prior to the commencement of your session.
  • Payments are non-refundable.
  • Cancellations need to be made at least 24hrs prior to your session time to allow us to book another client for the student or to notify the student/therapist. A $15 Cancelation Fee will apply for cancelations on the day of an appointment.
  • Appointments can be moved to another agreed time with prior arrangement.
  • Clients who do not turn up to their appointment without notification may be refused treatment the next time they wish to book in and will need to pay a $15 Cancelation Fee at their next booking.
  • Clients that may leave at the beginning of their session for any reason will still be charged for the entire session.
  • Unless requested prior, the gender of your student CANNOT be guaranteed.
  • No double bookings allowed.
  • Appropriate undergarments are to be worn and ALL clients are to abide by the draping standards of the college.
  • No food or drink is to be brought onto, or consumed at the college.
  • If a client appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or behaving in an inappropriate manner, ACFB can refuse treatment.
  • If a client wishes to book a session and is under the age of 18, they MUST gain approval from a parent or guardian and that parent or guardian must also sign the clients medical history form.
  • Please notify the college if you are currently on any medication that may affect your massage treatment, have had a recent surgery or are pregnant.
  • All clients are to behave appropriately in accordance with college standards.
  • ACFB’s has the right to refuse treatment to any persons deemed unsuitable for treatment
  • Clients MUST allow student’s to perform physical assessments.

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