6 ways to easily incorporate fitness into your daily routine

6 ways to easily incorporate fitness into your daily routine

Many of us strive to live the healthiest, fittest lifestyles possible, not just to look our best, but for overall longevity and happiness. So how do we go about incorporating small bouts of fitness into our waking hours without detracting from our busy schedules?


  1. Wake up with a bang

Give yourself a goal every morning when you bound out of bed! Start the day afresh and full of life with 50 push-ups, or 50 crunches to go, go, go! There’s no better feeling than smashing a target to set the rhythm for the rest of the day – without taking away from precious shut eye time.


  1. Take the stairs

Taking the stairs is one of the simplest ways of adding a short exercise into your day without thinking about it. Swap the lift for the stairs! If you want a quick energy booster that will do wonders almost as great as your morning latte, taking the stairs will get your blood pumping, your joints limbering up, and won’t take you away from your destination or detract too much time at all, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. Challenge yourself to see how many flights you can do or how quickly you can reach the top!


  1. Swap the board room for the block

Sick and tired of those café meetings where you move from your office chair to yet another seat? Get up and about by walking around the block while still staying up to speed with operations. Plus, the fresh air might just be the thing to help you get out of your mental roadblock! Similarly, instead of emailing a colleague, get up from your seat and speak to them in person.


  1. Stand and stretch

Waiting in line at the supermarket? Reviewing that important email before pressing send? Use these brief moments to get up, stretch, flex – do your pelvic floor exercises, or shake out any stiff joints. It’s a quick and simple, yet effective, way of activating your body that takes virtually no time at all to accomplish.


  1. Get a Bluetooth speaker

Use a Bluetooth speaker or a wireless headset. By using hands-free technology to connect to your calls, you can get up from your desk and walk around while still completing your work. Multitasking done best!


  1. Make chores a workout

The mandatory tasks left for the weekend when we’ve got more time up our sleeves don’t have to be dull! Pump the tunes and turn your weekly cleaning list into a workout, by adding some lunges to your vacuuming, swinging your legs, add some squats when you unload the dishwasher – whatever you do, add some oomph into the mundane!  Before you know it, your tasks will be completed quicker than you know, and your body will thank you for it.


It can all seem too hard with our busy lifestyles and workdays chained to our desks to fit in an hour of rigorous exercise at the gym or attending a class – so by simply integrating a tip here and there can keep you in line with your fitness goals and feeling your best!

Posted On 23/08/16

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